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Kakkoii: the Coolest Word in Japanese

In this post we will explore some of the expression in the Japanese language to remark on someone or something’s ‘coolness’, as in attractive/fashionable.

The word you are looking for is かっこいい kakkoii, which is normally used to describe men, boys and also objects.

Let’s start with considerations on its orthography and pronunciation.

The Meaning of Nintendo

Since its birth in 1889, Nintendo had a huge role in shaping the collective imagination of many generations. Titles like Super Mario, Donkey Kong and Zelda have turned millions of people into videogamers.

Now let’s turn attention to Nintendo’s very first puzzle game, a tiny Easter egg hidden in plain sight: “What is the meaning of Nintendo?”

How to Say 'Welcome' in Japanese

How do you say “welcome!” in Japanese? What better topic to start a blog about Japan. :-)

Let’s explore the three main ways of welcoming people and some of their variations. We’ll see how context plays an important role, and the subtle differences that exist between different expressions.